Module 8 ~ Roofing Lawyer Services

Roofing Lawyer Services


As business owners, we understand how important it is to have an experienced lawyer on your side. Many roofing companies do not retain attorney services until they are faced with litigation, risking their business and livelihood. Don’t leave your company vulnerable. Find an experienced attorney who specializes in representing residential roofers. 

We are a group of experienced business owners who previously ran a successful roofing company. Due to the intricate and complicated nature of our industry, we highly recommend every roofer has an attorney on their side. Roofing lawyers help you navigate everything from setting up contracts for employees and customers to ensuring you conduct ethical business practices.

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Any small business should have an attorney on retainer, especially roofers. Imagine gaining back control of your business and having the confidence to work with homeowners and insurance companies without worrying. 

Having a roofing attorney on retainer means always having someone in your corner to double check you. Questions about contracts or employees come up often. Don’t risk it all on Googling legal questions. Retain your OWN roofing lawyer and protect yourself.

What is an Assignment of Benefits?

In this video, an attorney explains what an Assignment of Benefits means. Simply put, it is an arrangement allowing one party to have another act on behalf of their benefit allocation. It is often used in medical practice, however, what if a roofing company could do the same?

What if Assignment of Benefits is in Your Contract?

Don’t add unnecessary stress to your life. One lawsuit could destroy your business and tarnish your reputation for good. Hiring a roofing lawyer is a necessary investment that will protect you in the long run. Even savvy business owners need someone to keep everything organized for them to alleviate the stress of making costly mistakes. If you worry about how to handle OSHA, disgruntled employees, unhappy clients, or any unforeseen event, it’s time to find your roofing lawyer today.

Noncompetes ~ New hire packets ~ Lawyer Retainers

Discrepancies with homeowners or insurance companies? Having a lawyer on retainer changes the game for roofing companies and allows them to protect themselves.

Signed a non compete with another roofing company? Have a lawyer sift through and help you sever ties without losing your chance at a better job.

Joe Mallon explains why it is absolutely essential to have a roofing attorney on retainer. Don’t let anyone keep your thumb on you.

I used credit unlimited to fix my credit score back in 2011. A lot of roofing suppliers won’t allow you to use a line of credit without good credit which could hurt your chances at growing your company. Credit Unlimited can help you get back on track and open unlimited opportunities in your life.