Xactimate estimates
Roofing Estimates

We Write Xactimate Roofing Estimates

Unless you’re proficient with Xactimate software and you understand how to write estimates, you should hire professionals to do the job.  When you hire the team at American Roof Supplements to write your estimate, you’ll be able to present a complete, professional document to the insurance adjuster. This will minimize pushback from the insurance company,

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roof measuring
Roofing Tools & Equipment

Current Technologies Can Improve Your Estimates

The Best Estimate Software: Xactimate Are you submitting the most accurate estimates possible? Accurate estimates are critical when it comes to submitting successful insurance claims. Xactimate software is the industry leader in estimate-writing products, and it’s what you should be using. Having trouble handling the volume of estimates landing on your desk? Outsource them to

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Outsource Roof Supplements
Roofing Supplements

Why You Should Be Using Roofing Supplements

In our previous article regarding O&P, we touched on roofing supplements and how they are beneficial for contractors. When working with customers who have property insurance claims, supplements are essential. This is an opportunity for roofing contractors to get the most bang for their buck. Most importantly, you’ll help homeowners receive the insurance payout they

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