Module 1 ~ Roofing Supplements the M~F Money

Roofing Supplement Training Video System


We make our clients more money than stockbrokers were making their clients back in the 1980's

As an experienced roofer, I would never build a roof without including supplements. Insurance adjusters manipulate estimates to save their companies money, leaving thousands on the table you could be picking up.

We can handle all your residential roofing supplement needs. Change your business by getting setup in our professional roofing supplements system. All of our supplements are delivered within 72 hours and guaranteed to be approved.

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This video breaks down roofing supplements in under 11 minutes! Learn the ins and outs of how insurance adjusters estimate the job and how to pick up their slack when they miss something. We have been creating estimates and saving customers money through expert use of Xactimate software for years. Watch the video to find out why its so important to have a knowledgable supplementer on your side.