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Welcome to American Roof Supplements. Our company was founded to help roofing organizations like yours leverage your time and resources. Outsource your estimates to the Xactimate professionals and maximize your roof claims through our roofing supplement service.

By tailoring each service to individual customers, we offer you more freedom to run your business and enjoy your life.

Why Use American Roofing Supplements?

We understand how stressful handling insurance companies and homeowners can be. With years of experience as roofers, my brother,  Brock, and I have developed a system to help other roofers experience success. Allow us to handle the details of estimates and supplement requests so your team can focus on running a busy roofing company. 

American Roof Supplements is the #1 company for roofers looking for supplements. We have gained essential knowledge on how to grow a roofing business and we want to share that knowledge with you. Using our products and services, you can increase your profits from all insurance claims.

We Write Estimates Using Xactimate

Over the years, we have developed proficiency with Xactimate estimating software. This allows us to write estimates and supplements for our clients with confidence thoroughness. We leave no detail unaddressed and no dollar on the table. Our goal is maximum cash back to your business.  

Prefer to write your own estimates? Check out our free video training.

We Write Supplement Requests

American Roof Supplements wants to help you find the tools to build and and reap the benefits of running a profitable roofing business. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge base of Xactimate software and get your supplements going. We never require a minimum amount of supplements per year or a contract. Get as many as you need, whenever you need.

Our roofing supplements are tailored to fit your company’s branding with a logo included. These professional supplements are guaranteed in 72 hours or they’re free. 

Don’t add unnecessary stress to your life. Outsource your roofing supplements today and realize the freedom of gaining back some control of your claims. Insurance companies don’t look out for the roofing contractors, but American Roof Supplements does. We never require a contract or a minimum yearly amount of supplements. The best part is a 72 hour turnaround time or it’s FREE.

Hire our team of Xactimate Roof Supplement Experts to advocate for you! Call (469) 515-8505.

Want to Generate Estimates and Supplements Requests Yourself?

We’ve taken everything we learned over the years and offer it to YOU at no cost.

Take advantage of our 9 training modules offering free roofing business training and avoid paying costly premiums for information or “guides” that don’t perform.

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Our extensive experience with Xactimate software makes us the best roofing estimate service and best roofing supplement service in the country.

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